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Our clients scale
profitably with Google Ads in Germany and the EU

Selected cases from all over Europe

Over 50 European clients entrust us permanently with their ongoing Google Ads optimization for Germany and the EU

E-commerce stores and other companies that we have helped from all the EU

Maximum performance with Google Ads: success stories from our European customers

  • 🚀 6x sales for RheinNatur supplements via Google Ads
    🚀 460.957.50 € turnover in 3 months with ROAS 20.9 for bicycle shop
    🚀 167 B2C leads in 30 days, 64 new customers for transport company
    🚀 Soil store grew to 7-digit turnover in one year through Google Ads
    🚀 Electricity provider: Leads increased by 300% in 3 months, price per lead reduced by 45%
    🚀 +174 qualified enquiries/month for medical care center
    🚀 Home & garden store: 7-digit annual turnover achieved with 58% less ad spend compared to the previous year
    🚀 50 qualified enquiries/month for special cleaning with a budget of 3.400€
    🚀 143 qualified inquiries for regional removal companies in 30 days with a budget of 4.700€
    🚀 Solo self-employed person: +60,000€ turnover in 3 months with ROAS of 7.73
    🚀 650 configurator enquiries/month for window and folding door systems with a budget of 18.000€

Reach your goals faster with our performance marketing team located in Düsseldorf, Germany

Testimonials from our clients

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How RheinNatur Supplements more than doubled their online sales

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    Why Germany for the EU market entry with Google Ads?

    Who are we?
    We are Searchperts and have specialized in Google Ads in e-commerce since 2018. With over 1500 campaigns and an ad spend of more than 5 million euros per year, we consistently bring new suitable customers to your online store. Our expertise for the German and European market uncovers weaknesses such as faulty conversion tracking and improves your cost-turnover ratio.

    How can we help?
    We offer comprehensive support with the setup and legal aspects of your market entry in Germany as well as other EU countries, as opposed to your local agency in your country of residence. Our data from millions in advertising budgets allows us to develop targeted keywords and effective ad strategies. Additionally, our Bid Optimizer technology continuously optimizes your campaigns for better performance.

    Why Germany?
    Germany is the largest economy in the EU, and with over 2.000 cities partaking in online sales, it offers immense opportunities for e-commerce. With a GDP that supports online sales and 95% of users using Google as a search engine, Germany provides high reach and precise targeting. Amazon has shown that success on other channels is scalable here. Local agencies often reach their limits – that’s why Searchperts is your partner for the German and European market. Contact us for a non-binding initial consultation and find out how we can make your Google Ads campaigns a success.